Public Familiarity of the “Bee Crisis”


For my primary research, I started by writing a research question: “How familiar is the public with the media-dubbed “Bee Crisis” and what do they think is the most likely cause of it?”

I decided that a survey would be the best way to answer my research question.

I used Survey Monkey to design and conduct a survey that received a total of 54 responses. I designed the survey to be short and easy to take, with a total of seven required questions and one optional comment box.

The participants of my survey were mainly recruited using a select few subreddits: Sample Size (/r/SampleSize) and the San Francisco State University’s subreddit (/r/SFSU). I also forwarded the survey to some acquaintances I was familiar with. I made sure that the acquaintances I sent the survey to had not read my website about the “Bee Crisis,” so I was sure to get an unbiased opinion not tainted by my website.

I staggered out the advertising of my survey on the aforementioned subreddits so that I would generally know where participants were coming from.

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